Best Picnic Spot in Pune – Enjoy The Stunning Landscapes With Your Family

Kapila Resorts best picnic spot in pune stands out as an ideal picnic destination for families and friends seeking a day of relaxation and adventure. With its picturesque surroundings, lush greenery, and tranquil ambiance, Kapila Resorts offers the perfect setting for a memorable picnic experience. The resort provides ample picnic areas equipped with comfortable seating and shaded spots, allowing visitors to unwind and enjoy quality time amidst nature’s beauty. Additionally, Kapila Resorts offers a range of recreational activities, including swimming pools, sports facilities, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. With delicious dining options, and impeccable service, Kapila Resorts promises a day of fun, relaxation, and unforgettable moments for all who visit.

Best resorts in Pune -Kapila Resorts

Kapila Resorts Stands Unique for Best Picnic Spot In Pune Near Kharadi:

Kapila Resorts has the best picnic spots in Pune that would help you to refresh and enjoy the day fully. So, here are why you choose Kapila. Kapila Resorts has a beautiful landscaping of 15 acres that redefines the art of beautification. Kapila also has an Island Venue, which is one of the best picnic spots in Pune. This Venue has a capacity of 100 to 150 people and surrounded by water throughout the year. You can also host exclusive Parties and Events with your family and guests. We also have a well-equipped gym, and courts for different sports like Badminton and Tennis. Moreover, there are fun play parks for kids and a lot of indoor games that completely refresh your mind and body.Along with different sports and games, we have a swimming pool that is best suitable for both adults and kids. Next time, if you want the best picnic spot near Kharadi, Pune then have a look at Kapila and its complete services.

best resorts in pune-kapila resorts

Amenities and Facilities:​

Spacious Picnic Areas: ​

The resort offers several picnic areas equipped with comfortable seating and shaded spots. Families can choose a cozy corner to spread out their picnic blankets and enjoy a day in the lap of nature.

Swimming Pool: ​

The resort features a large swimming pool where families can take a refreshing dip. Separate pools for children ensure that the little ones can splash around safely.

Play Area For Kids: ​

Kapila Resorts has a dedicated play area for children, complete with swings, slides, and other fun equipment. This ensures that kids have a great time while parents relax nearby.

Sports And Recreational Activities:​

The resort offers a variety of sports facilities, including cricket, badminton, and volleyball courts. Families can engage in friendly matches or simply enjoy playing together.

Dining Options: ​

Kapila Resorts offers a range of dining options, from multi-cuisine restaurants to snack bars. Families can enjoy delicious meals or snacks without the hassle of carrying food from home. Picnic hampers can also be arranged on request.

Final Words:

If you are looking for the best picnic spot in pune near Kharadi, then choose Kapila Resorts. It has everything you might want, including fantastic facilities, enjoyable activities, and stunning landscape. Kapila Resorts can accommodate your needs whether you’re planning a leisurely weekend escape or a fast day vacation. Thus, gather your loved ones, pack a picnic, and get set for an incredible experience at Kapila Resorts, surrounded by stunning scenery.

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