Best Picnic Spot in Pune – Enjoy The Stunning Landscapes With Your Family

Picnic Spot in Pune

You might be planning your week off and holidays outside of your home and far from the busy life that includes a lot of work pressures, pollution, etc. and you may be planning your special occasion near to your home and not far from your city. Moreover, you are also a nature lover, who seeks refreshment once or twice a month by spending in greenery and beautiful landscapes.

Overall, you might be looking for the best picnic spot in Pune that is able to provide all your requirements in one place. What if we say Kapila Resorts has the best picnic spot in Pune? Let’s look into it.

How Kapila Resorts Stands Unique for Picnic Spots?

Picnic Spot Near Kharadi Pune

Kapila Resorts has the best picnic spots in Pune that would help you to refresh and enjoy the day fully. So, here are why you choose Kapila

  • Kapila Resorts has a beautiful landscaping of 15 acres that redefines the art of beautification. 
  • Kapila also has an Island Venue, which is one of the best picnic spots in Pune. This Venue has a capacity of 100 to 150 people and surrounded by water throughout the year. 
  • You can also host exclusive Parties and Events with your family and guests. 
  • We also have a well-equipped gym, and courts for different sports like Badminton and Tennis. Moreover, there are fun play parks for kids and a lot of indoor games that completely refresh your mind and body.
  • Along with different sports and games, we have a swimming pool that is best suitable for both adults and kids. 

Next time, if you want the best picnic spot near Kharadi, Pune then have a look at Kapila and its complete services.

Other Facilities:

Picnic Spots in Kharadi Pune

Along with the picnic sports, Kapila has more than you imagine. 

Final Words:

If you are looking for the best picnic spot near Kharadi, Pune, then choose Kapila Resorts. Spend your holiday at the best picnic spot that has modern facilities. With prime age architectures and benefits, Kapila resorts are constructed conveniently to cater to your every need! Come and experience the best of greenery in Pune, and also enjoy your day with numerous indoor games. 

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