Best Wedding Lawns in Pune – Add This Day To Your Gallery 

Wedding is one of the most memorable day in your life and everyone plans to make it more auspicious by hiring large venues decorated with unique ambiances, breath-taking lightings, attractive costumes, delicious food, warm consultations, and more. Best Wedding Lawn or Venue is the first requirement of every person who are planning to get married. 

Wedding Lawn in Pune

Selecting a wedding lawn or venue depends upon factors like 

  • Capacity: how many guest can fit easily in the lawn or venue.
  • Maintenance and Cleanliness: How the whole lawn or venue and its surroundings are maintained or planed. 
  • Distance: How far the lawn or venue located from the city and house we live.
  • Consultancy: How respectably the staff of lawn or venue maintainers are behaving. 
  • Price: The price of the lawn or venue.
  • Food: How many variety of items are listed in the food menu and how much delicious they taste.

All these factors are observed by everyone to finalize the wedding lawn or venue. So, if you are in search of best wedding lawns in Pune that are satisfying all your requirement factors, then have a look at Kapila Resorts, the best resort in Kharadi for wedding function.

Why You Should Choose Kapila Resorts?

Kapila Resorts has best wedding lawns in Pune. Pune is renowned for its scenic landscapes, and Kapila’s wedding lawns are taking full advantages of this. Our lawn welcomes you with blooming flowers under the open sky surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Do not worry about the distance, our wedding lawns in Pune is located near to the center of the city and easily accessible for your guests. Moreover, our resort has large parking space and has convenient transportation facility, which makes hassle-free journey from your home so, none of your guests cannot miss your day.

You might be having different interests, similarly we have various lawns that best suits for your wedding or engagement or other celebrations. Yes, Kapila Resorts has 4 best wedding Lawns in Pune with different capacities, which we named them as

1. Main Wedding Lawn  

Main Lawn

The main lawn is perfect for a big fat Indian wedding, which can accommodate 2000 people at once.

2. Bandhan Wedding Lawn 

Bandhan Lawn

The Bandhan lawn has unique blend of intimacy and spaciousness, which can accommodate 1000 people at once.

3. Tulsi Wedding Lawn  

Tulsi Lawn

The Tulsi Lawn is surrounded by lush greenery and can accommodate 500 people at once.

4. Kilbil Wedding Lawn 

Kilbil Lawn

The Kilbil lawn is smaller compared other 3 wedding lawns. This lawn can accommodate only 200 people at once but is best suitable for mini wedding.

Additional to these four best wedding lawns in Pune, Kapila Resorts also has an Island Venue, which is surrounded by water all sides. This venue fulfils all your lake-side fantasy. Visit our resort and book your convenient lawn or venue to make your special day more special.

Best Food in Pune:

Along with lawns, our food and drinks in the resort are supreme and have the best hospitality for your guests. In house restaurants and bars will definitely make you we as your first priority. We request you to visit us, enquire all our ambiances, other availability, and then take the decision.

Our Final Words:

We have been experiencing 100% satisfaction on the faces of their esteemed customers after having memorable celebrations. Kapila Resorts, one of the best wedding lawns in Pune provide modern facilities. We well-maintain our space and beauty of the events. We never like to see disappointment in your faces. If you are looking for best resort in Kharadi for wedding function, then book our resort and celebrate your special occasion with us.

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