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Best Place For Weekend Getaway in Pune

If it is you who is looking to spend a whole day with family in a resort to enjoy the leisure day or came up from outside of Pune on a business trip and need to rest in a resort happily, then Kapila Resorts, the best weekend getaway in Pune welcomes you. Choose your preferred accommodation, and embark on a journey of comfort, luxury, and memorable experiences.

Spacious Villas and Rooms:

Our spacious villas and rooms include 7 Villas, each housing with 4 spacious rooms that create a total of 30 well-appointed rooms. Among these, 15 are equipped with Air Conditioning, while the remaining 15 offer the natural breeze of non-AC comfort. 

Each room is designed to provide a tranquil haven after a day of exploration and adventure. Our accommodations have modern amenities and a cozy ambiance. Moreover, we provide the perfect retreat too. If you are visiting Pune for a leisurely weekend getaway in Pune or a longer stay, then Kapila Resorts is the perfect choice.

Amenities That Enhance Your Experience:

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